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Donald Trump is still insisting that we build a wall along the border with Mexico, and he is sending thousands of troops to stop migrants from seeking asylum. Our country ...
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Local political operative Michael Lunsford and his PAC "Citizens for a New Louisiana" are attempting to interfere in our 1st Amendment rights by creating a petition to shut down "Drag ...
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Monuments to the lost cause of slavery remain around our country. In Lafayette, a diverse community, a monument to a slave owner general remains as a reminder to minorities of ...
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Petition to Donald Trump
Protection for Trans Youth
Dear President Trump and his Administration, I, Cyrus, and my friend Erin are here to encourage you and your administration to cancel the rescission of the Obama Administration's Title IX guidance to ...
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As it stands now, it is required for a child under six years of age to stand in front of a courtroom, without their parents, in front of their abuser ...
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