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The FCC is already being sued by multiple parties over its repeal of net neutrality. If Congress exposes Ajit Pai’s lies, it could unravel his whole scheme. Lobbyists for telecom giants ...
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In just a few weeks, Democrats will officially have control of the House of Representatives. This gives them subpoena power for the Russia investigation, as well as looking into the ...
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Donald Trump is still insisting that we build a wall along the border with Mexico, and he is sending thousands of troops to stop migrants from seeking asylum. Our country ...
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Senator Mitch McConnell plans to make deep cuts to Medicare and Social Security to pay for Republican tax cuts for the rich. Let your representatives know that you stand opposed ...
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While the media has been covering the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco in the Senate, House Republicans have jammed through another tax cut bill that will put even more money in the ...
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Brett Kavanaugh cannot be trusted. He appears to have perjured himself and will likely vote to overturn Roe v Wade if given the opportunity. He is neither fair nor impartial. Tell ...
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